Visual Marketing services provided by DMZ Visual combine online marketing tools and quality photography and video to deliver results to your business. Our services include social media management of the most popular pages, create campaigns with photos and video to drive traffic to your website page.

What is Visual Marketing?
Visual Marketing is the combination of images and marketing. Marketing is the research, development, implementation, and evaluation process of delivering a product, brand, or service to market. Simply put, it’s the activity to get your product sold. Good marketing uses creative artwork and photography. Online marketing with social media can be boring if all you are doing is talking about your product. To best engage a customer on social media, use images and video. This is Visual Marketing.

If you are using your smart phone, like the majority of users, and searching information on the Internet, would you want to just read a text description? Wouldn’t you prefer to see photos or watch a video on your smart phone for your search results or on your social media pages? Surveys have shown that photos, graphics, and video will better engage your audience and help conversions. Are you using visual marketing correctly? If not DMZ Visual can help.

DMZ Business
DMZ Visual is part of the DMZ Business family.  DMZ Business provides quality merchant processing for their clients.  Most organizations don’t know that they should review their statments 1-2 a year to make sure they are receiving the best value.  There are also new changes coming to the industry in October 2015.  The new EMV “Chip and Pin” mandates will require businesses to purchase new hardware or face higher rates.  These new mandates will help reduce fraud. Please visit DMZ Business online at